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Due to RL circumstances, our Chairman – Jordan, will be taking a side step and has installed an interim Chairman – El Loco. If you need assistance, please contact El Loco.



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leadership team

Our leadership team is made up of one Chairman and four directors. Each member has their own unique skill and experience level which plays hand in hand with progress, motivation, and daily operations.



We do not believe in complacency or stagnation. Our Leadership team is constantly working new ideas from the community and engaging in turn-over to put the best in line to further our mission of progress.


Working Smarter

With the skills, experience, and dedication of our team. We are able to provide an environment of applications and knowledge in a modern setting to have you working smarter – not harder.

Value of team

Atlas Technologies thrives on a collaborative environment of team work. Our foundations were built on building a system that relies on each other from the top to the bottom, no matter the skill or experience.

One of the most important factors to success is teamwork. Without a team, leaders rely solely on themselves and their own skills. There’s less room for growth, innovation, and collaboration. – John Maxwell

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