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What makes us unique

If you’re looking at us from the perspective of an online nation simulation game with roughly 6000 active users, we are pretty small. We have maintained a fairly steady average of about 40 community members throughout our existence. People who join our community go through a set of standard checks with our leadership team being hands on through the entire process.

Because this is a game, we of course teach our community how to play by starting them off in our New Hire Academy with a white glove approach. They learn about our history and multiple aspects of the game to get them started and knowledgeable. Those that make it through the academy become full members of the community and stick around to develop themselves even further.

Our community boasts an activity level that rivals other communities within the game with double or more our community count. We pride ourselves on our positive public outreach through our PR Department and our early installation of behavior tactics for members in our community. This keeps people outside of our group coming back to us for more conversation.

The part that makes us unique is we tap into our community potential. We believe that each member, regardless of age or experience, has a passion, career path, or skill that can be leveraged to not only boost our community profile, but their profile here within the community and within their life outside of the community. So, if someone is a coder and someone else wants to improve their skills or learn, we make it possible for them to have an area to be put together.

When you’re joining Atlas Technologies, you’re not just joining for one of the best game academies or simply to play a game and pass time. You’re joining to be part of something greater. This is what makes us truly unique.

go beyond normal


The word project is defined as any undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively and possibily involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

At Atlas, we pride ourselves in being able to not only support, but also facilitate our community projects.


AtlasWire is a community news service dedicated to reporting news about the online simuation game Politics & War. Their focus is to bring a modern and non-bias approach to news reporting here in the game. This service will provide in-depth reports and news of happenings happening within the community on an upgraded, modern website.

atlas customs

Atlas Customs is an eCommerce shop that was originally created to provide merchandise to the Atlas Community. Proceeds from the store go towards further development of the community through maintenance costs, development, and other fees paid for by Atlas Administration. Our design teams create custom designs to be placed on nearly any product at a low cost. We also provide a program called ‘Get Branded’ which allows other members in the gaming community to reach out to our team to design products to sell to their own communities.

project veritas

A great example of a community driven application. Project Veritas is an up and coming, public use bot application for Discord. As this community relies heavily on discord for coordination and communication, AtlasTek found it to be a great market to get our feet wet. This bot is designed in-house and will be launching to the public soon.


AtlasGFX is a real-life business birthed out of the Atlas Community. They specialize in graphic design, digital media, marketing, and website building. With an experienced portfolio, this team works hard to keep Atlas looking great and provides a service to the broader community.

atlas community

Although it is seen as a simple alliance group in a niche arena, the atlas community is the biggest project we have under our wing. By providing events, facilities, applications, and continually working with people to enhance the community – this project requires day in and day out operations.

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