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Atlas has gotten in on the ground floor of a new startup crypto that you can mine right from your phone. You may have heard of these practices before with other companies  such as PI Crypto.  We are solely on the BEE Network and you can check out their network by clicking the button below.

Why bee network?
why mine with atlas?

Many years ago bitcoin was a brand new thing, people didn’t know about it, and many people looked the other way. Today, Bitcoin has reached such heights as being worth $22,000.

BEE is a new way to ‘mine’ crypto without all the hardware needed to mine the current currencies. All you need to do is accept our invite, join the team, and tap mine and you’re good to go.

BEE is currently minieable for 24 hour missions every day. This is because they have recently launched in December 2020. This means you have the chance to stack up BEE until the network reaches a point to no longer have anything left to mine. So, nows the time to get in!

Community INvesting

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Because mining will eventually reach 0BEE/hr – a marketplace will eventually open up. The marketplace will allow value to be placed on BEE and members will be able to trade BEE for goods and services. It is our goal to have our Atlas Community join in on this network to provide a whole new level of currency for goods and services we provide.


Team connection

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Because this is invite only, to build a stable and trustworthy network, we will all be on the same team using the invite code jcortx. Being on a team puts more BEE currency in the Atlas Wallet for future goods and services.

no risk

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Because our community isn’t just about the game Politics & War and because we like to elevate our members in their skills and aspirations – we feel that this is a good way to work together for something that can pay out down the road. BEE will eventually go public just like other cryptos out there in the world which means there will be a real life monetary value – which in turn means you could cash in for real life money. The best part is there is no buy-in, there is no loss of capital to you, all you need to do is join up and mine every 24 hours.

How It Works

Getting setup is super simple. Download the app, create a quick and easy account, use our invite code: jcortx   – and you’re on the team, mining your own BEE Crypto.


Download the app

Link at the top of page or just above – download from the app market of your choice. (Apple/Google Play)


Create Account & Use Invite Code

You’ll be asked some simple questions for your account setup and then be asked for your invite code. Unfortunately, you can’t get in without the code (jcortx) but once you enter you’re code, you’re in!


Start Mining!

There is a short app tutorial to show you how the app works. All you need to do is click the lightning bolt button, every 24 hours to keep mining. We can even ping you when you haven’t logged in yet to make sure you’re getting your share.

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