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Started his Politics & War career in The Enterprise where he quickly became on of the most active members in the alliance and worked his way into Milcom and Internal Affairs. Throughout 2019, he continued to take on more responsibility as GW14 killed activity of both  The Syndicate and The Enterprise Members.  At the end of November 2019, he was promoted to the head of Internal Affairs for The Syndicate.

Shortly after, Jordan joined IronFront after they offered him a position that better fit his needs and experience. Shortly after GW14, Jordan departed IronFront with a few other members to form Atlas Technologies.

Jordan started by building the foundations of Atlas Economy and the Atlas Technologies New Hire Academy with hands in Milcom. Later on, on October 19th, 2020 – Chairman Max stepped down naming Jordan his successor.

Jordan is the first to succeed to Chairman and the first Chairman to enter Atlas Technologies into a global war, GW16 which started days after succession on October 30th, 2020.


Public Relations

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El Loco

Safety Protocols

Started his Politics & War career in 2017 – unfortunately due to not being involved in wars or a community, he quit the game.

On July 12th, 2020 El Loco came back to the game and joined Atlas Technologies. He recalls Jordan, Max, Chara, Darkblade, Reyaz, and Parched making Atlas Technologies feel like home with the events throughout the community providing an outlet to engage and have fun.

He quickly rose through the ranks of New Hire, Staff, Manager and is now the Director of Security Protocols, running Milcom for Atlas.

Han Solo

Internal Communications

Started his Politics & War career in 2017 and floated through a few alliances such as UPN, Acadia, and Kazoku. Han has held various positions in both low and high roles during this time with a focus in Foreign Affairs. Due to out of game issues, Han put his career on pause in May of 2019.

Han jump started his career again in 2020 by searching for a community that fit his standards. While on the search, Jordan reached out to Han in direct messages and gave an invite to Atlas Technologies.

Han has worked his way from New Hire, Staff, Manager, and is now Director of Internal Communications.

mad max

Systems Administration

Started his Politics & War career sometime in 2013 by joining Guardian and shortly after, Ignis Imortales. Max spent time organizing and building up Ignis Imortales while compounding experience to take on his own ventures – which would later be called Earth Systems Alliance.

Throughout his time in Politics & War, Max has joined several alliances and created a few alliances such as Earth Systems Alliance, InGen Technologies, Weyland-Yutani Corporation (also known as Earth Space Defense and Settlement Defense Front), The Island, and now Atlas Technologies.

Max has also held a long-time role as lead Forum Moderator for Politics & War, Created the Politics & War Discord, has been in the original Closed Dev group as well as the development team, is the current PW Design Team leader, and has contributed multiple aesthetic game updates and graphic work to the game.

Max stepped down from his role as Chairmain on October 19th, 2020 to ensure progression continued and a fresh mind was at the helm. In his retirement, Max acts as a Systems Administrator maintaining applications, bots, sites, and graphic work for the community.

Turkey Sub

Manager, Finances


Brand Ambassador

Eli the Grey

Manager, Internal Communications


Manager, Internal Communications

Yassin Hakim

Manager, Security Protocols


Manager, Security Protocols


Manager, Engineering

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